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Whether you have Cats, Fish, Birds or Furries we can offer a service to care for them whilst you are away. From a weekend away to a long holiday we can pop out to your house and feed, fuss and clean up. We have a large range of misc. animals to care for including sheep, snakes and bearded dragons.

So how does it work?

  • Initially we pop out to meet you and your pet(s) (or talk about them if they are a little aloof!)
  • We fill in some paperwork and collect keys, if required for access
  • You can book via text, call or email.
  • Our team visit your home between 09:00 & 18:00hrs on the booked dates
  • We will replenish waters and feeds, play and make fuss of your pet, keep an eye on their health and happiness, and keep their environment safe.
  • We can also arrange to open / close curtains etc. to give the appearance that your home is lived in whilst your away.
  • We will give any feeds as required and also administer any medications on your instructions. (please leave a supply of your animals diets, meds & litters)
  • If you have multiple pets, chickens or outside animals that require later visits or any other quirky requests, please just ask and we’ll see how we can help

Does my pet need to be vaccinated?

  • No. We do not require your pet to be fully vaccinated (however we will only visit healthy animals. If your animal suffers from contagious illness we, unfortunately, cannot attend your property in the interest of the wellbeing of our other client’s pets.)

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