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Dog Crèche / Day care

Sometimes you may need your dog looking after for the day, rather than just walking. We do offer full day care and this particularly benefits young puppies, dogs on their own for long periods, bouncy dogs and dogs who may be on medications or multiple feeds whilst you are out.

We currently run from home, so places are restricted, but hopefully we will expand in the future. For now just enquire for availability.

So how does it work?

  • Initially we pop out to meet you and your dog(s)
  • We fill in some paperwork and collect keys for access
  • You can book via text, call or email.
  • Our team collect between 09:00 & 10:00
  • Your dog will come back to the house
  • Their day will be planned with play, walks and rest
  • We will give any feeds required
  • We drop home from 16:00hrs onwards.

Will my dog always be at the house & where do they stay?

  • Sometimes it may be logistically more viable for your dog to be collected by one of our walkers, and spend a few hours out with them, before coming back to the house. (this will certainly wear them out!)
  • At home we segregate our pups utilising whatever best suits for the dog and for the logistics of the house and the temperaments of the other dogs. (eg we have a variety of puppy pens, baby gates and dog crates)
  • Sometimes our staff do have a tendency to get the wanderlust and your dog may go for an adventure. (Some of our staff will pop home to their own dogs or arrange to meet other staff around Warwickshire for a meet up on their favourite walks)

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