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Our prices are shown below. We accept cash, cheque or we can provide our bank details for you to do a transfer. Your invoices and payments are tracked on our accounts system and we can provide you a statement of account at your request.

For a copy of our Terms & Conditions please click this link - download

  • We only invoice for the service you have used.
  • We invoice at the end of each week and email these to you as a PDF.
  • If there is a problem with your invoice, please notify us as soon as possible

So what does it cost?

  • Dog Walking for 1 dog - £10:00+vat per walk
  • Dog walking for 2 dogs - £13:50+vat per walk
  • More dogs? £call to discuss requirements

*our prices are based on a minimum of 40 minutes for a walk. In the event of a problem during our day we may need to reduce your walk time. You will be notified in this instance. This will be explained and agreed with you at our initial meeting.

  • Dog crèche for 1 dog - £14:00+vat per day
  • Dog crèche for 2 dogs - £20:00+vat per day
  • More dogs? £call to discuss your requirements

  • Dog Boarding 1 dog - £16:00+vat per day
  • Dog Boarding 2 dogs - £22:00+vat per day
  • More dogs? £call to discuss your requirements

  • Small pets & cats - £10:00+vat per visit

(We base our visit on up to 3 cats or 2-3 cages. Please call with your requirements prior to booking. More pets? Please call to discuss your requirements.
We charge our boarding “per day” so whatever time your dog arrives or leaves we charge a standard days rate, this allows us to have staff on hand to tend to your Pup.)

What happens if I become unable to pay?

We make every effort to work with you, in the event of you being unable to settle your bill. In the event that we cannot agree payment terms or if you do not pay, we will send your account and details to our debt collecting solicitors. This may involve court action and may affect your credit score and your ability to gain credit in future. We appreciate that we live in times of austerity and uncertainty and will work with you as far as is reasonably possible.

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